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There are so many incredibly talented, interesting, and passionate artists in Alaska.  Most of these artists work alone in their studios and are fairly isolated from each other.  I’m hoping that through these conversations, as artists share their stories, inspiration and dreams; that it becomes easier to engage with each other. I hope the result is an increase in opportunity, brainstorming, and collaboration among artists in Alaska.


These episodes will explore the what, why, and how artists create in Alaska. We will talk about the joys and challenges of being an artist in Alaska, and discuss everything from inspiration, methods, as well as their individual creative process.  It seems that choosing to work as an artist, considering all of the inherent hurdles, takes a unique type of person. This podcast will attempt to understand and explore these motivations with each interview, as well as what they are trying to say in the world with their work and why.

Amy Malouf is an artist living and working in Anchorage. Amy received a BFA in Sculpture at Utah State University, in Logan Utah in 2001

She works primarily with steel, using welding and forging, and acrylic paint and encaustic wax to create her work,  check it out here!

In Anchorage, Amy's work is located at Stephan Fine Arts and Aurora Fine Art 


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Is there an artist that you'd like to hear on this podcast? 

 Send me a message! 

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